SIGNIFICANT CONNECTIONS Significant connections can be commonly found in a variety of texts. In the four texts that I will be touching on, Boy by Taika Waititi, Wild Pork and Watercress by Barry Crump, The Doll’s House by Katherine Mansfield and Dark Horse by James Napier Robertson, social issues are a key theme throughout all […]

The Dark Horse is a film based on a true story of the life of the New Zealand chess champion and Mental health patient Genesis Potini also known as “The Dark Horse”. Despite Genesis suffering from a sever bipolar disorder he volunteers to coach a group of disadvatanged kids how to play chess in the […]

Describe at least one important character in the written text. Explain how this character is revealed to you throughout the text and/or how this character helps you understand an important theme/idea in the novel. In this novel by Barry Crump, Wild Pork and Watercress one of the main characters in the book is Ricky Baker […]

Written in 1986, Wild Pork and Watercress, by Barry Crump, is the story of Ricky Baker, Ricky is 12 years and 3 weeks old and is a Maori Boy. Told in first person narrative, Ricky tells his story with humor. Ricky is a victim of racism and the New Zealand social well fair system. HE […]

1a// The poet compares the cows to rocks in the first two sentences of the poem in the way of a simile as the cows look like rocks. As the rain hits the cows it wets their coat giving them the resemblance of rocks in a tide, the cows being the rocks and the rain […]


Friar Lawrence’s Cell Characters: Friar John, Friar Lawrence Friar John goes and visits Friar Lawrence in his cell and tell him that he could no deliver the letter to Romeo because of a plague that had broke out. After hearing this Friar Lawrence rushes to the Capulet vault to try stop disaster from happening.

Capulet house Charcters: Nurse, Lady Capulet, Capulet and Juliet. Juliet returns from Friars Lawrence’s cell to apologise to her father for the things that she said and did last night. Once she has apologised he sends people to fetch the County Paris and tell him that the wedding is now tomorrow. Nurse, Juliet and Lady […]

Tuesday morning Friar Lawrence’s cell Characters: Friar Lawrence, Paris, Juliet Juliet goes to Friar Lawrence’s cell only to ding Paris already there talking to him. Paris try’s to call her his wife and she shuts him down saying that he can call her his wife when she is married to his but not until then. […]