12th March 2018

Milking Before Dawn

1a// The poet compares the cows to rocks in the first two sentences of the poem in the way of a simile as the cows look like rocks. As the rain hits the cows it wets their coat giving them the resemblance of rocks in a tide, the cows being the rocks and the rain being the tide.

b// This comparison is a simile as they are comparing two things.

2// An example of a metaphor in the first stanza of this poem is “The shed is and Island of warmth and light” this metaphor is portraying the shed as an island in the middle of the “ocean” thus being the heavy rain that was occurring outside. When she used the terms “an island of light and warmth” she is implying that the shed is a haven of warmth and light from the contrasting surroundings of the dark and gloomy rain in the night.

3// When the poet Ruth Dallas uses the simile “its history wiped away like the tears of a child” she is giving the idea that even though the rain and night had been and gone the day will come and everything is in the past and can be forgotten. Just like this, the way she compares it to a child’s tears as the tears can be wiped away and forgotten just like the rain can be the morning after the storm.

4// Judging by the poem as whole but in particular the third stanza, i get the impression that she is not jealous of the “city man” as the language used in it such as “the earth as it turns towards the sun is young again and, renewed, its history wiped away” which then leads on to “let the man in the city sleep” which then suggests that even though she is up early in the rain and dark she is not envious of the man in the city who does not.

5// Techniques that are used in this poem aswell as effects, effect the

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