2nd March 2017

Act 1, Scene 3

Act 1,scene 3
Location: Capulet House
Characters: Lady Capulet,Nurse,Juliet

In the Capulet house lady Capulet calls to the nurse as she needs help locating her daughter Juliet. Juliet enters and Lady Capulet dismisses Nurse so she can speak to Juliet alone but immediately changes her mind wanting Nurses opinion. Lady Capulet asks Juliet what she thinks about getting married but Juliet says that she hasn’t even thought about it. Lady Capulet then replies that at juliets current age she had given birth to her and that she should start to think about marriage as Paris is interested in her. Juliet plainly says that she will look at him at the feast later on and will see if she may love him.

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